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People say that the best way to learn a language is by going to the country where it's spoken. What if you could do it online?

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Why start a language journey?

Learning while on a journey provides meaningful learning, since you always have a reason to continue. Besides, it's the way you would learn if you traveled abroad...and in real life.


    Learn through linguistic rewiring, a new scaffolding learning technique that helps you break your first language mental patterns and retrains your brain to the new language.


    Keep a travel journal and share it with other language travelers. This will help you connect what you've learned with real life.


    Check your progress in the statistics section and earn badges that you can save in your passport.

Todo viaje empieza por un paso

Every journey begins with a first step

Start a journey and create a virtual life so that you can turn it into a real life some day. Besides, in your journey you'll be able to make decisions and discover things about yourself that you would otherwise not know.

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Every journey begins with a first step